Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Mr Vinyl Mixtapes - Precision 10

Can't remember exactly when I made this, think it was 1998 or 9 - recorded in 1 take using them big black CD's they used to call VINYL! I'll upload the other 9 albums if anyone wants me to....

Mp3 format - click here to download

Saturday, 6 June 2009

DJ Sasha @ Universe 'Adventures of the Pleasure Planet', 19 June '92

Excuse the wow & flutter but I restored it from cassette, its one of my favourite mixtapes ever and very inspiring!

1. Mel'isa Morgan 'Still in Love With You' (Mel'isa's in the House Mix)
2. Denise Lopez 'Don't You Wanna Be Mine' (Cliviles & Cole Vocal Club Mix)
3. Bomb the Bass 'You See Me in 3D' (Remix)
4. Siedah Garrett 'K.I.S.S.I.N.G.' (Accappella)
5. That Kid Chris 'Keep On Pressin On' (Didn't I Show You Luv Mix)
6. Lil' Louis Vega 'Club Lonely' (Bellbottoms & Platforms Mix)
7. Megatonk 'Belgium' (Nintendotone Mix)
8. Clubland '(I'm Under) Love Strain' (Lost in the Jungle Mix)
9. Nush 'Nush' (Original Mix)
10. Rhythm Quest 'Closer To All Your Dreams' (Hybrid Remix)
11. M17 'Rockin Down the House' (Chop Mix)
12. Dice Man 'Quad' (Spooky's Magi Mix)
13. Leftfield 'Release the Pressure' (Orig Dub)
14. Deep Beats Vol.1 'Code Red'
15. Degrees Of Motion 'Shine On' (Junior Style Dub Mix)
16. Pamela Fernandez 'kicking in the Beat' (AIM Dub)
17. Snap 'Do you see the Light'
18. Brothers Love Dubs 'The Mighty Ming!'
19. Maarten Van Der Vleuten 'Spanish Fly'
20. Jovonn - Out All Nite E.P (Vol. 2) 'Let Me Hear Ya Stomp'
21. Hashim 'Al Naafiysh'
22. Mr Clubman 'Release The Tension' (Disco Version)
23. Sounds Unlimited 'Uplifting' \ Rockers Revenge 'Walkin on Sunshine' (Acca)
24. Marascia 'For The Music'
25. Shalamar 'Take That to the Bank'
26. Sheer Bronze 'Walking On'
27. Fargetta 'Music is Movin' (Bam Bam Tribal Mix)
28. Nitro Deluxe 'Brutal House' (Greed DMC Mix)
29. Jules and Skins - Rushing Roulette EP 'Ethnic Groove'